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Leaf Eco Shoes - Sparkle Espadrilles

That spark between us

by Lesole - PR & Trendadvisor

The flavor of the new is unforgettable. We should treasure those moments. There aren’t two same experiences. Each one is different. Enjoy every single first time, because there is only one opportunity...

Together step by step

Partnership with TECHO

Our major goal with this campaign, is to create awareness on poverty and promote social action. We decided to join TECHO so that, besides offering monetary compensation, we can also spread the message of the foundation...

So special, so unique

by Trini - Style & Fashion Mentor. Founder & Leader

While our competitors choose to work with simple stained canvas, we look for something more original like couture fabrics ...

Our brands philosophy

by Trini - Style & Fashion Mentor. Founder & Leader

We believe that if you feel comfortable, relaxed, and truly yourself in your look, this is reflected in your happiness and positive attitude. We support and reaffirm that one must feel and be comfortable within their clothes ...

Improving lifes

Partnership with TECHO

Believing in a fair and poverty free society, where everyone has the opportunities needed to develop their capacities and fully exercise their right, LEAF project was founded.

It´s time for Leaf

by Lesole - PR & Trendadvisor

...if you’re just taking a walk, admiring the blossom of the spring or the golden leaf of the fall, there’s not a better choice that to wear Leaf Espadrilles!


by Trini - Style & Fashion Mentor. Founder & Leader

Una marca versátil como una hoja que busca lo constante en no ser constante. Nos gusta sentirnos vivas y cambiar con cada temporada, como la naturaleza, como una hoja ...

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"Our shoes are a symbol of hope for many people! We are building a better world step by step!"

"We believe that a better world is possible and are contributing by using recycled materials to develop our shoes!"

"A better world is possible if we change the way companies make business."

"With every pair of leaf espadrilles you buy, we help TECHO to achieve their goals and their mission to overcome poverty! Be part of the change that is happening. #beLeaf"

"A opportunity for a better future! Helping small factories and artisans to evolve and grow. Providing economic stability for their livelihood. #StepByStep for a #BetterWorld!"

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